Saturday, October 3, 2015

Who is this Krissy person?

Welcome to my blog! So why are you here? Because I am a blast, and you will soon find this out. Not convinced yet? Well, I am locking the internet door so you can't leave. How do you like them apples? Wait.. Don't go reporting me for kidnapping or anything. 

My girls (read fur-babies) never leave me with a dull moment so they will entertain you if nothing else. My living room currently looks like Petco blew up in here. And I do mean "blew up" since my 7 month old Chocolate Lab (Gracie) decided to tear up a couple of toys today.

My other girl is a Red Heeler mix (Bailey) who was a rescue and is currently snoring her head off. Apparently, I don't return the favor of being entertaining in her eyes. 

This was a sweet moment the day I brought Gracie home back in April.
Little did we know, our lives would never be the same again once Gracie decided to come out from under that bar stool. Oh how I miss the quiet days when it was just me and Bailey! I lie because she has definitely brought some adventures into our lives. I just wish my house didn't have to suffer the damage. I am quickly learning that Labs are like no other destructive creature on the planet with the exception of a wrecking ball.

So back to me.. Since I know you are dying to learn more! I am the type of person who has to find humor in things, so if I make you LOL then I have done my job here. By day, I am a Safety Engineer at a manufacturing facility (stop snoring!) and by nights and weekends I am an Avon Lady and Gracie wrangler. (I just had to stop typing to keep her from pulling up the carpet!)
So if you would like to buy some Avon (or sign up to sell it), my dogs will appreciate being able to eat. (And I'm going to need new floor coverings of some type soon! And obviously more bones for her to chew on.) I love sharing the products with people and hearing how much they love them, so each post will probably have something about Avon. You can skip that part if you want. What am I saying??? No, you can't! We sell great stuff! And we are coming out with stuff for your home very soon, so stay tuned. 

Just so you know, my motto is "If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me." No, I'm not a mean girl by any means, but I love to people watch (read "people I can laugh at when they can't hear me"). Hold on.....
This was the look I just got when I was trying to save the carpet. Note the destroyed toy remnants around that innocent guilty face!

Where was I? Oh yes... So I like to point out things that we can all laugh at or find humor in. However, let me warn you that I am a Taurus, and I can be passionate about some things. I am that way about animals (especially dogs) and my sports teams. I am a die hard Penguins, Pirates, and Steelers fan! I also love my USC Gamecocks (don't even get me started on how we are the original USC) even though I live in this North Carolina land now. 

I can also be crafty at times. Pinterest is the bomb, am I right? I have more craft supplies in this house than I will ever probably use, but I can't stop myself! This is one of my creations. 
No, I didn't cut the wood, but I can rock some paint, paint pens, and glue! Oh, and I'll share some mean Mod Podge stuff sometimes, too. 

On a final note, my absolute favorite Avon product that I am obsessed with right now, is this... 

It says it is for age correcting on your hands, but I'm telling you it feels AMAZING! I put it on my hands right before I go to bed. It smells great, and my hands feel so good. It also has SPF 15 in it so it's great to wear during the day as well. As I'm sure someone who is smart enough to read this blog would know, your hands show your age more than anything. So use this stuff! 

I am getting this look right now... 
So it's obviously time for bed. Is that not the most pitiful face you have ever seen?!! Gracie wears us both out. 

I hope you'll follow me on all of those wonderful links on the side of this post. Over there on the left, silly! You might have to scroll up at this point. Until next time, go buy some Avon! Or sign up to make some money by doing that (and you can sign under me from anywhere!). You know you need some extra cash for Christmas. My store is open 24/7 and you can sign up anytime at the same link -